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ST. THOMAS - While it was not the full amount the V.I. Brewers 8 Braun Blue 2010 All Star Jerseys Superior Court asked for, the V.I. Legislature gave the court $2.7 million Friday to get it through the end of the current fiscal year.
In addition to the $2.7 million, the Senate passed an amendment Friday authorizing the court to tap into any savings from prior years.
Sen. Clifford Graham said the savings, coupled with the $2.7 million appropriation, would bring the court's supplemental budget to about $4.4 million.
Earlier this month, Superior Court Presiding Judge Darryl Donohue Sr. told senators he would need $5.5 million to get to the end of the fiscal year.
After the bill was passed Friday, Donohue told The Daily News that Rays 13 Carl Crawford Home Cool Base White 2010 All Star Jerseys the $4.4 million should work provided no surprise expenditures are required between now and Sept. 30.
Donohue said a jury trial where the jury needs to be sequestered or something similar could tip the balance and cause problems meeting payroll and basic obligations.
"All we can do is do the best we can with what we got," he said. "We'll see where this takes us."
In a Finance Committee hearing June 18, Donohue explained that the court asked for a $31.9 million budget for Fiscal Year 2013. He said the court's personnel costs alone would total about $22 million.
The Superior Court was appropriated $23 million to cover all expenses for the fiscal year, resulting in a serious budget shortfall.
On Thursday, senators amended the bill to appropriate $5.5 million for the court, dropping the amount down to $2.7 million. When the measure came to the floor Friday, a second amendment was added to allow the use of prior years' savings.
Donohue said something certainly is better than nothing.
"For right now, I'm thankful for what they've given us," he said. "Hopefully that will get us through the fiscal year.
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